Sierra Leone Prolific Striker Musa Noah Kamara pays visit  to IPAM, University of Sierra Leone to enquire whether his academic credentials meet the University requirement  to pursue Business Administration.

The football star in an interview with A.J of 24 Hours Bloggers said, “ I am here to do enquiries in order to apply and  study Business Administration soon., but I don’t know if I will be accepted ,he said!”

Hundreds of students came out and took photos with him, had fun and encouraged him to apply. He drove along with his vehicle that was gifted to him by Vice President, Mohamed Juldeh Jalloh.

However, many Sierra Leonean Football fans are doubtful whether this is not a planned event designed  by Musa to attract the public’s attention. Besides, if this is not a publicity stunt, it would be challenging for the striker to create a perfect balance between his Football career and the pursuit for academic Knowledge.  The striker is yet to disclose to the public the status of his academic credentials.

Most Local clubs in Sierra Leone main focus is to develop professional footballers and (knowingly or not) end up neglecting the players’ academic development. It’s a numbers game; most clubs are not staffed to dedicate time or resources to monitor (and much less assist with) players’ academics. Their efforts are almost exclusively focused around finding the next academy player who could either be sold for a hefty fee to finance the academy costs for the next couple of years or who could contribute to the first team. Makes sense. Football is a business and it’s all about winning and money (not in that order for some).

It appears Kamara wants to change the narratives by not neglecting his education on account of the pursuit of a professional playing career.

Here are some cold facts that could be used to further incentivize young footballers to continue their education:

As a profession, a football career span is extremely short. Among all Sierra Leonean mainstream sports, it’s the shortest.

Footballers, like any other athletes, are only an injury away from football retirement. Having an academic-based contingency plan is good planning.

Very few footballers will ever earn enough money to last post-full-age retirement (from 35-retirement age). The average salary of football players in the  Sierra Leone Premeir League is one the lowest of within Sub Sahara Africa. Besides Footballers are on short-term contracts. No money is ever guaranteed beyond a few years.

However, if  Kamara chooses academia as a path, it would serve as a form of empowerment for him. It is an open secret that very few footballers in Sierra Leone can make a living in the same industry (coaching, commentating, etc.) after their playing careers are over.