In a concerted effort to address the pressing issue of doping in sports, the Executive Director of the National Sports Authority (NSA), Dr. Emmanuel Saffa Abdulai Esq, and his team, convened a strategic meeting with officials from the UNESCO National Commission.

The meeting, held on Friday, May 24, 2024, took place at the Commission’s headquarters located at the NCTVA compound, Tower Hill in Freetown.

Dr. Mohamed Kamanda, the Secretary General of the UNESCO National Commission, warmly welcomed the NSA delegation and expressed enthusiasm for the collaboration. Highlighting UNESCO’s significant focus on sports and ethical practices, Dr. Kamanda underscored the urgency of combatting doping, emphasizing its detrimental impact on the integrity of sports.

During the discussions, both parties emphasized the need for a coordinated approach to tackle doping effectively. They explored various strategies to enhance education and awareness about the dangers of doping among athletes and sports stakeholders. Additionally, they discussed the importance of establishing clear protocols for information-sharing and cooperation between the NSA and UNESCO National Commission.

Dr. Abdulai expressed gratitude to the UNESCO National Commission for their proactive engagement in addressing the issue of doping in sports. He reiterated the NSA’s commitment to promoting fair play and integrity in sports, highlighting the organization’s advocacy against banned substances.

The meeting concluded with a mutual agreement to collaborate closely on implementing robust measures to combat doping in sports. Both institutions reaffirmed their dedication to upholding ethical standards and ensuring a level playing field for all athletes.