The Old Edwardians Alumni Association has announced the reappointment of Richard Hindolo Senessie as the Chairman of Old Edwardians Football Club.

Following the resignation of Mamadu Bobor Barrie, Richard Hindolo Senessie returned to lead the club, as confirmed by the Old Edwardians Media Department.

Augustus Vandy, the National Secretary General, expressed confidence in Senessie’s abilities, citing his wealth of skills and experience. Vandy stated, “With the skills set and experience you have amassed over the years, we certainly believe that this appointment will bring a drastic change to the development and growth of the OEFC. Further to that, your key mandate amongst others will be to oversee the running of the club.”

Chairman of the Sports Committee of the Old Edwardians Association, Ishmail Sheriff Esq, welcomed Senessie back to his role and looked forward to his valuable contributions.