The management of the Orthodox football club has informed the public that the team Orthodox football club has been transforming into HADA FC on the 20th of August 2022.

The naming ceremony took place at the Sierra Leone Football Academy which serves as their training ground.

However, the team media department confirms that the Orthodox Mission is still the backbone of the team as they will always continue to support the boys.

Team Manager King David Kargbo revealed to parents the great developments ahead of this transformation. HADA has been one of the Key sponsors behind the success of the team.

He then encouraged the Parents to always comply with the team as with HADA FC there will be light at the end of the tunnel. He concluded by telling them to always encourage their sons to go to school and simultaneously play the beautiful game that they loved.

parents stood firm and were happy with what was said by the Manager as they believed in the Management and sponsors of the Team (HADA FC).

Former Leone Stars and Port Authority player Agina was also in attendance.

He inspired and gave words of motivation to the boys. Agina has been one of the strong contributors to the team and he feels happy to be part of the ceremony.