East End Lions winger Prince Barrie has departed Sierra Leone for Football trial in America.

Though he did not reveal the name club of the club he will undergo trial, Barrie has been spotted departing the Freetown International Airport.


Barrie Joins East End Lions Feom Bo Rangers in 2022 which led to a stand-off between the two clubs with respect to the legality of the said transfer and ownership of the player, especially when Bo Rangers maintained that the player’s contract was subsisting at the time of the transfer

After weeks of negotiations leading to the regularization and compliance with football rules on transfer of players Bo Rangers agreed on terms for the release of the player Prince Barrie to East End Lions FC.

Bo Rangers and East End Lions resolved their differences over Leone Stars midfielder, Prince Barrie.

The East End Lions winger has been very instrumental in the 2023 Leone Stars AFCON Qualifiers against Sao Tome and Nigeria