Today, I am taking football and two teams will form the thrust of this narration; Lamboi FC in Lungi and Luawa FC in Freetown. If not for anything, the two teams deserve recognition for their comportment and dispositions in securing spaces for the forthcoming Sierra Leone Premier League which has been scheduled to start on the 18th November, 2022.

Lamboi and Luawa are both teams where young players call home. The teams are owned and managed by two sport/football enthusiasts (among other things); Lawyer Emmanuel Saffa Abdulai, PhD and Mr. Lamboi of Lungi. Let’s touch on a few essential specifics.

I spoke to the Head Coach of Lamboi FC. For Ibrahim Conteh (Coach Evra), their qualification means a lot not just for the people of Lungi, but for the country as a whole. To him, this did not come as a surprise. It’s as a result of years of hard work and absolute commitments.

Similar statements of optimism were expressed by Basiru Olu Koroma, who’s the team’s captain. Basiru is a Mass Communication Graduate from Fourah Bay College and he sees football as a career. To him, Lamboi FC is more than ready and prepared for the League. He told me that much is expected of them and that they promise to match standards.

For Saffa Abdulai, PhD, his team is result oriented and all other necessary modalities are now been put in place. He told me that they’re already getting new players that’d join the existing teammates. “We are not there to win the competition, but to compete we must.” Whatever those logical lines tell you, I will assume that the League promises to be fanciful and enticing. We’re going to see various clashes much to the admiration of fans and onlookers.

Football is a game that is so adorable and the fact that it’s adored for its ability to bring people together and to unite them is something that’s an expression of the obvious. As the new League is about to commence, let’s hope for the best as we look forward to seeing beautiful football.

We may still have a long way to go as a footballing nation, but if all of these leagues are effectively managed and the players encouraged, we may just get it right.

The new season is to start in no time. Let’s get ready and support our teams responsibly. Let me add that there should be no room for violence please. This is football. Sometimes you win, you loose or get a draw. Plan well, but accept the results. That’s the spirit of the GAME!