Bo Rangers Football Club have emerged as runners-up in the West Africa Champions Cup as they were humble 1-0 by Benin side Coton Football Club for the West African Trophy.

Bo Rangers qualify for the finals after winning two matches against two Guinean Premier League clubs in the 8-team tournament.

Bo Rangers took part in the said competition as a Preparation for the Upcoming Total Energies CAF Champions League Preliminary qualifiers.

The Sierra Leone Premier League Champions will host Liberian International Shipping & Corporate Registry FC in the first leg of the TotalEnergies CAF Champions League Preliminary Round at Southern Arena on Saturday 19th August 2023.

Eight clubs from across West Africa took part in the tournament scheduled for 7th-13th August. Other teams that participated in the tournament are Lโ€™as Real BKO FC of Mali, Coton FC of Benin, Bo Rangers of Sierra Leone, Horoya AC, Hafia FC, Milo FC and Soar AC of Guinea, and ASM Sangaredi.