Sierra Leone outstanding female player, who is also the caption for the Sierra Leone U20 women’s league, Rashidatu Gas Kamara has on her social media handles expressed her disappointments and pleas to the Sierra Leone Football Associate (SLFA) over the association neglecting Female players in the country.

When conveying her message to the President of SLFA, Thomas Daddy Brima and the entire SLFA management, Rashidatu expressed on the behalf of all female players from all categories their dismay to the association. On her message, her prime focus was respect for the female players to be treated as the male.

Male football categories are currently running from U17, U20 and U23 with their calendar intact. The national male team playing qualifying U23 side started their training already for their own tournament. The U17 and U20 are also playing their friendly matches in Liberia, and off course the Sierra Leone Premier League (SLPL) has just ended. Above all, even the U15 category is about to start their own tournament.

SLFA having to pay their attention to the male players and leaving the female players indirectly, they are neglecting the potentials of the women. “What happen to the female players, ain’t human beings too? They don’t have talent a well as the men?” Rashidatu questioned.

On her message, Rashidatu stated that the feminine gender has been crying over 11 years now in the name of asking for little respect and yet they are still crying. “We have been crying over 11 years just for respect, when will this crying stop?” she said.

On her concluding statement, she drew the attention of SLFA on the impact of neglecting the female leagues. According to Rashidatu, colleague female players had to organize and fix matches for themselves to play just to keep their talents alive.