Bo Rangers FC has on Friday 9th December, 2022 secured a 1:1 draw against the newcomer team Real Republicans FC at the Bo Stadium, Bo District.

It was a tough match as the defending champions of the Sierra Leone Premier League 2020/2021 season Bo Rangers battled against newly promoted Real Republicans.

For the first time since the club was founded in 1954, Bo Rangers FC aka The PK boys (as they are nick named) won the Sierra Leone Premier League 2020/2021.

Defending champions of the league had their Premier League season match opener with the newly promoted Real Republicans that ended on a 1:1 draw. Match goals were scored by Ibrahim Sorie Conteh and Fleance jumu Kamara.

Bo Rangers Football Club commonly known as Bo Rangers is a Sierra Leonean professional football club based in the country’s second largest city of Bo. They are currently a member of the Sierra Leone National Premier League, the highest division of football league in Sierra Leone. Bo Rangers have an intense rivalry with city rivals East End Lions FC. The club supporters are primarily from Bo District.

On the other, Real Republicans FC, is a Sierra Leonean football club from the capital Freetown, Sierra Leone. Real Republicans were last Premier League season playing for National Division, the second highest football leagues in the country. After several huddles to get back to the highest league in the country, Real Republicans FC were promoted to this year’s Premier League season 2021/2022.

Real Republicans were historically one of the most successful clubs in Sierra Leonean football; having won the Premier League in 1981, 1983, and 1984; and also won the Sierra Leone FA Cup in 1986.

This draw against the defending champions is a comeback for the Real Republicans as they are determined for the Premier League Cup this season.