Foday Mansaray, the Team Manager of Real Republicans Football Club, expressed his concern about the ongoing issue of poor officiating by match officials, which is hindering their goal of finishing among the top three teams in the 2022/23 Sierra Leone Premier League season.

Mansaray conveyed to NewsFeed Sierra Leone that their recent 2-0 defeat against Bo Rangers last Wednesday at Angola field was influenced by inadequate officiating.

He pointed out that they were denied a clear penalty, and to their astonishment, the referee awarded an offside goal to Bo Rangers.

It is worth noting that several teams, including Freetonian SLIFA, have expressed their dissatisfaction with the substandard officiating during the first round of the league, with some even considering suspending their participation.

Adding to the discussion, Team Manager Foday Mansaray emphasized that Real Republicans have encountered poor officiating in approximately seventy percent of their matches this season, both at home and in away fixtures.

Despite these difficulties, he affirmed that their club remains law-abiding and does not engage in any form of violence. Mansaray appealed to the Premier League Board (PLB) and other relevant committees to promptly address this matter. (Modafinil)

While we have already raised some concerns with the Board, we continue to be a peaceful club.

We beseech the PLB and other necessary committees to swiftly address this issue for the advancement of the game and the betterment of our country,” he stated.