After the Selection of Leone Stars’ coaching Team, prominent Sierra Leone Football Figure Rodney Michael has voiced his discontent over the selection of coaches and team manager.

Days following the appointment of the new National Team coach, Michael took to his Twitter page and wrote; “As much as I believe Thomas Daddy Brima has behaved very dishonestly and disrespectfully and SLFA_sl EXCO has embarrassed themselves over the manner of appointing the coaches and team manager, they have the mandate to appoint the technical team.”

He further endorsed a post by Kei Kamara, in which Kamara advised Mohamed Kallon to express his frustration. In the post, Kei Kamara encouraged Mohamed Kallon to embrace his humanity and openly express his disappointment at not being appointed head coach of the national team.

Michael wrote, “I want to a certain extent agree with @keikamara and I feel his pain especially the way @thomasdbrima and @SLFA_sl have behaved in such disrespectful & deceitful manner. But it is their mandate. Let us allow them and if it succeeds we praise them. If it fails they face the music.”

Rodney Michael continued to vent his anger as to the decision of SLFA to hand the National Team to Mohamed Kallon with the excuse that Kallon had a 3-match ban from FIFA. Rodney shared on his X account saying “If this is accurate Kallon’s ban was not related to INTERNATIONALS but restricted to interclub matches. The wording suggests he is qualified to coach the National Team but not a club team for continental club competitions. @thomasdbrima and @SLFA_sl need to clarify.”

These claims were made by football and sports stakeholders, aiming to bring public attention to the perceived neglect of Mohamed Kallon in not being appointed as the head coach of the National Team.