Popular Kono Philanthropist Ahaji Sidibay has donated 32 seater bus to Diamond Stars Football Club on Saturday 29th January in Koidu City Kono District.

The 32 seater bus that is  fully air-conditioned  will facilitate the premier league club transportation challenges when playing their away matches.

Honurable of the District Sahr Emerson  Lamina say that this to him, came as no surprise as it illustrates yet another display of boundless philanthropy by ‘Sidibay D Bomber’ as he his fondly known by his people.

He described as a businessmanwho  is known for helping and pulling his kindreds out of situations and circumstances that appear to border them at no costs, just because he likes seeing people happy.

He further stated that this offer to Diamond Stars; though not the first, is a a welcomed news, as he regret his absence at that handing over ceremony. He cited that the offer comes at a time when the District Team is in dire financial state all consequent upon toxic politics over a game that is supposed to bring all parties together for fun and for the love of the game steam.

“How I wish Kono District can have so many of his kind in this moment of need and want by the people and indeed by the district. The private sector, as it operates the world over, is a vehicle that enhances growth by ways of job creation, enterprise development as well as the undertaking of socioeconomic development and grown through a Public Private Partnership arrangement which in today’s governance systems are helping to strengthened states and improve on governments’ system. Governments the world over cannot give all of the jobs and also undertake all of the socioeconomic development needs and wants of a state”, the honorable stated.

“He vividly narrated  Alhaji Abdulai Sidibay background and his childhood experiences with him Kono.

“I still can recall a fond memory of Abdulai Sidibay when we were all kids at Pimbi Lane in Koidu City. He was a little senior to me. I know him to be a very hard working and lucky chap. Even when we played football, he was that player with the luck of scoring miracle goals. I was then a goalkeeper. The late Victor Campbell who was unfortunately shot and killed by RUF rebels during the 1992 Koidu attack was our mentor. I entered Form One at (ISSK) while Sidibay was almost rounding. In school, he was also very an intelligent dude.

“His latest investment in the transport sector can be best said of as reminiscent of Moses’ lead of Biblical Egyptians passage through the Red Sea. He has brought some appreciable respite in the country’s checkered transport sector. He needs to be supported and he needs the cooperation and honest service of all those in his employ in order to give this fine and goodhearted gentleman additional impetus to do more by ways of investments and the creation of jobs.

“For my part as a Member of Parliament representing the Constituency and District from which he hails, I pledge to give legislative and moral supports to his businesses be it in transportation or otherwise; moreso, when the business is stationed in my Constituency 030 in Kono Central.
I am very proud of you and I will endeavour to give you the necessary and appropriate support and advises whenever to ensure that your aspirations for Konoland and indeed for Sierra Leone are reached.

“It’s unfortunate that I wasn’t around to make my statement of endorsement of your businesses. I was engaged in errands that have to do with the critical illness of our Paramount Chief of Gbense Chiefdom.

“Thank you Alhaji Abdulai Sidibay. Thank you for knowing Kono District as your birthday place. Thank you for being with your people. Thank you for your generosity and philanthropy. May God Almighty continue to bless you, guide you and protect you in all your undertakings“, He Concluded