On Saturday 14th October 2023, in Jendema, Sierra Leone witnessed a significant meeting as the Ministry of Planning and Economic Development (MOPED) and the Ministry of Sport opened their doors to a high-powered FIFA community delegation, alongside their Liberian counterparts, with the delegation being led by the distinguished Isha Johansen.

The primary purpose of this gathering was to conduct an extensive inspection of the designated site for the eagerly awaited FIFA and Mano River Union (MRU) Football for Peace Initiative Project.

This initiative plays a pivotal role in the grand celebration of MRU’s 50th anniversary. The project aims to unite the participating nations through the spirit of sportsmanship and peace, promoting cooperation and goodwill in the region.

The event brought together key figures from Sierra Leone, Liberia, and the international football community, fostering an atmosphere of collaboration and shared commitment towards enhancing unity and development in the Mano River Union. The success of this project promises not only to uplift the region’s sporting culture but also to contribute significantly to the MRU’s half-century milestone.

As the project moves forward, it represents a shining example of the potential for sports to transcend borders and foster diplomacy, embodying the core values of FIFA and the collective aspirations of the Mano River Union nations.

This meeting in Jendema marked a crucial step in realizing these ambitions, and all eyes are now on the future progress of the Football for Peace Initiative.