The Shooting stars of Sierra Leone will clash today with Lberia U20 team in Matchday 2 at the U-20 Zonal Tournament at the SKD  stadium in Liberia ar 4pm.

The tournament is  serving as a platform to detect  young footballers to represent Sierra Leone and neighboring Liberia on an international stage.

In their first match the Shooting stars U20 men’s team showcased their resilience by playing to a hard-fought 0-0 draw on Day-1 of the four-round matches.

While the Shooting Stars U20 team displayed excellent skills, there is room for improvement in their execution of vertical passes and in their performance within the final third of the pitch.

The said evening game kicked off on a positive note for both teams, with an intense battle unfolding throughout the match. Despite their best efforts, neither team could establish full control.
Despite the result, the Shooting stars  U20 team remains optimistic and determined to make progress.
They will have the opportunity to showcase their growth and development in Round Two of the four-round matches on Today