Following the numerous successes lately bagged by the Sierra Leone National Cricket Team in various competitions which has increased the team’s World Ranking to 59th, ranked in Africa 7th and 2nd in West Africa.

The captain for the Sierra Leone National Cricket Team – George Edward Ngegba speaking on different occasions chiefly on Twitter has called on the government as well as related stakeholders in sports and other areas that will influence possibilities to carefully look into their welfare and improve their conditions of service.

He also disclosed that, the team returned home from a 10 day contest in Rwanda successfully representing the country in the ICC Men’s T20 Cricket World Cup Sub Regional Africa B qualifier in December 2022 and since then they have not received any payment.

‘’His Excellency-President Bio we know how much you love and fancy sports in Sierra Leone and the enormous respect you have for cricket sir. We would be grateful if you can financially appreciate our recent successes and achievement sir. The patriots of Sierra Leone need your help sir.’’ He proclaimed

George Edward Ngegba maintained that it is over three weeks now they have not received their allowances and continued calling on the government to look into their issue as they have returned home with pride, registering four great wins against Ghana, Cameroon, Eswatini and Gambia as well as bagging four man-of-the-match awards. They subsequently summed up the tournament in the 4th position which qualifies them to gain access for the African Nations cup and the Africa premier championship in Ghana and South Africa respectively.