The Sierra Leone Premier League Board (SLPLB) is set to introduce Video Assistant Referee (VAR) technology in league matches across the country.Β 

This move, announced by Football Administrator Rodney Michael, marks a major step towards improved officiating and fairer outcomes in Sierra Leonean football.

According to Michael, the SLPL board has recently acquired a Mini VAR Set which will undergo trial runs during the upcoming week.

The video assistant referee (VAR) is a match official in association football who assists the referee by reviewing decisions using video footage and providing advice to the referee based on those reviews.

A key component of VAR is the Assistant Video Assistant Referee (AVAR) who works alongside the VAR in a dedicated video operation room, reviewing specific aspects of the game and communicating potential issues for further scrutiny.

The decision to implement VAR technology suggests the Sierra Leone Football Association’s (SLFA) commitment to progress and modernization. Many African leagues currently lack VAR, making the SLPL a potential trailblazer in the region.

“CAF [Confederation of African Football] should be proud of the efforts of one of its smallest member associations seeking technology to support officials,” Michael stated. He further expressed confidence that with increased funding, the SLFA will continue to implement innovative solutions that benefit both players and referees.

Some commenters have commended the introduction of VAR, even in a trial capacity as a significant step for the Sierra Leone local football league. This technology has the potential to minimize officiating errors, leading to a more exciting and fair playing environment for all involved.