Painstakingly, it has come to the notice of the executive and general membership of the Premier League Clubs Union that the rate of violence and indiscriminate attacks on Premier League Clubs officials and fans is on the increase therefore, it has become a serious concern for us as a responsible Union to put an end to such unsportsmanlike behaviours with immediate effect.

It is crystal clear that, during last week end match between Kamboi Eagles FC and East End Lions FC in Kenema,we saw another direct physical attack and act of violence on the personality of Mr Babadi Kamara who happens to be the Chairman of Bo Rangers and current Team Manager of our National Team – Leone Stars.

Considering his reputable personality and his personal investment in to the game, as a Union we are not only condemning the act of violence as a result of his personality, we consider it to be an act that might discourage him and other potential sponsors in the game which will certainly have an adverse effect on the game(football).

This incident happened when Mr Kamara was officially invited by the Chairman of Kamboi Eagles FC Mr Mazola,upon his arrival at the playing field,he was asked to occupy a sit within the perimeter fence by officials of Kamboi Eagles FC who were the host for the said match since there was no location specifically built or identified to host high profile football administrators.

Unfortunately, Mr Babadi was confronted by allegedly angry fans of East End Lions FC who physically attacked him directly with all sorts of verbal comments to an extent that he was asked to relocate to the pavilion in the midst of the fans of Kamboi Eagles FC in order to prevent further mishaps during and after the Match.

Frustratingly, a couple of days before the afore mentioned football match,we also witnessed another act of violence in the game during the match between FC Johanson and Ports Authority FC at the Approved School Field in Wellington when a fan of FC Johanson was seriously stabbed under his armpit allegedly by a fan of Ports Authority FC.

Considering the above acts of violence, as a responsible Union,we are totally Condemning all sorts of unsportsmanlike behaviours and act of violence before, during and after Premier League matches that are hosted across the Country with immediate effect because such acts has the tendency to disrupt the game and unleashed terror within the confines of the settlements where these matches are hosted.

Thus, as a Union that is enthused to change the current narrative of Football in Sierra Leone,we are calling on all the eighteen (18) registered Premier League Clubs Administrators and Officials to urgently engage and consciectize their Supporters and Fans to desist from such unciviliszed acts of violence before, during and after Premier League matches across the Country.

In this regard,as a Union,we are kindly asking all and sundry to give the utmost respect and protection to the administrators of football especially Club Owners and Chairpersons since they are the biggest money spenders and contributors in the game of football across the Country/Sierra Leone.

Conclusively,as a Union,we are calling on the General Public,Club Officials,Supporters and Fans to always conduct themselves in a civil manner and at the same time we are also appealing to all the relevant stakeholders that are charged with the legitimate responsibility to address issues of violence to do so in the best interest of the game and citizenry for the good of all.