Thomas Daddy Brima newly elected President of the Sierra Leone Football Association has made new commitments to football in the country.

Brima committed that during his tenure as the FA’s President the country will qualify to the African Nations Cup or World Cup and he will ensure he unifies the sport.

Brima made this commitment on Sunday at the National Stadium during a match Premier League Match.

“When they were saying Thomas Daddy Brima some people did not know me but now that they have seen me, they will have confidence that we will play football and we will play till we get to African Nations Cup or World Cup,” he said.

Brima also added that a conversation he had with Isha Johansen confirmed she was giving him the opportunity to unify the sport.

“Madam Isha Johansen said for the love of Sierra Leone and for the love of football am stepping aside and giving you the neutral man the opportunity to bring everyone together.”

And now there is going to be unity in football in the country.

“The good thing is the problem has finished since yesterday because the people that don’t know me in Sierra Leone’s Football are strangers,” he said.

Brima added that he and his team are going to do whatever it will take to bring football to higher heights.

“We are ready and prepared and we will do whatever it takes to make the game come up,“ he said.