The young Patriots of Sierra Leone U-19ย  squad has progressed to the semifinals in the ongoing ICC U19 Men’s Cricket World Cup Africa Division 2 Qualifier Despite defeat from NigeriaOn Tuesday 4th October 2022 at the Abuja Pitch 2, in Abuja Nigeria. The back-to-back win for Sierra Leone cannot stop Nigeria’s unbeaten run.Host Nigeria has secured 3 wins out of there in their last three matches

Captain John Bangura lead Sierra against the Nigerians scoring 89 runs while the Nigerian Star man Selma Salau secured 65 Runs. However, Nigeria maintain their unbeaten run by securing 184-10(47.4/50) Overs while the young Patriots trailed behind by 173-10.(41.5/50) Overs.

However, the Nigerian Cricket Federation expressed admiration for the Young Patriots Captain, John Bangura on their Facebook page for making 89 runs in the said match