On March 27, 2024, Thomas Daddy Brima, President of the Sierra Leone Football Association (SLFA), warmly received the Parliamentary Committee on Sports today at the SLFA Secretariat in Freetown. This visit, focused on enhancing understanding and addressing critical issues within the association, signifies a significant moment in Sierra Leone’s football landscape.

Hon. Hindolo Moiwo Gevao, Committee Chairman, expressed the committee’s keen interest in grasping the intricacies of the SLFA’s operations. He emphasized the committee’s dedication to tackling challenges facing the association, with a primary goal of fostering a favorable environment for football in Sierra Leone. Hon. Gevao also extended condolences for the recent tragic accident involving Ports Authority Football Club, expressing solidarity with the football community following the loss of Coach Lamin Bangura, a former Leone Stars Defender.

President Brima expressed appreciation for the committee’s visit and assured them of the SLFA’s unwavering collaboration with the government and the committee through the Ministry of Sports and the National Sports Authority. He highlighted ongoing development projects led by the SLFA, including pitch construction in Freetown, Port Loko, and Bo, as well as the installation of floodlights in Kono and Kenema.

Key SLFA officials, including Vice President-1 Harold Nat-Johnson, Northeastern Regional Football Association Chairman Brima Jalloh, Acting General Secretary Mohamed Benson Bawoh, and Director of Competitions Sorie Ibrahim Sesay, were present during the meeting. Discussions centered on the crucial principles of transparency and accountability within the SLFA, underscoring a unified strategy for football development in Sierra Leone.

President Brima reiterated the SLFA’s commitment to transparency and accountability, pledging to collaborate closely with the government and stakeholders to overcome challenges and propel football to greater heights in Sierra Leone. The visit underscored a collective determination to nurture football talent and promote excellence within the sporting community.

The Parliamentary Committee on Sports commended the SLFA’s efforts in advancing football development and pledged ongoing support to overcome obstacles hindering the sport’s growth. Hon. Gevao reaffirmed the committee’s dedication to implementing policies that facilitate football’s thriving across Sierra Leone.

As the nation mourns the loss of football talent in the recent tragedy, the visit highlighted the resilience of the football community and its resolve to honor the contributions of those who have advanced the sport in Sierra Leone. Looking ahead, the SLFA and the Parliamentary Committee on Sports are poised to collaborate closely to address challenges, enact reforms, and unleash football’s full potential as a catalyst for national unity, development, and pride.

The visit concluded on an optimistic note, with both parties sharing a vision for a vibrant and sustainable football ecosystem in Sierra Leone. As the nation pursues footballing excellence, the joint efforts of the SLFA and the Parliamentary Committee on Sports serve as a beacon of hope for football enthusiasts across Sierra Leone.