The Sierra Leone Football Association (SLFA) informed the general public and football fans that the association will investigate the cause of the boycott by the Sierra Leone Referees Association (SLMFRO) during the Freetown City Council FC and FC Kallon match.

The announcement was made via a press release by the association on Friday, January 2022 stating that “SLFA has been reliably informed about the conspicuous absence of a designated quartet of referees from a Sierra Leone premier league match slated for Friday, January 2023y 2023. It is reported that the said match could not go on as planned owing to lack of match officials.”

The Sierra Leone Referees Association has earlier stated that it is “putting on hold the officiating of all FC Kallon games both male and female effective immediately” and referred to a message on Mohammed Kallon’s Facebook page on Tuesday 17 January 2023.

The message reads; “One referee tell meto say ar lek ar get PHD pa coaching me nor go ever win game Wae ihn dae officiate Nar the word that 0000” (sic)

The association notes that this is not the first time Mr Kallon is putting up such an attitude towards Referees.

Recently, he slapped Madam Zainab A. Wilson, Referees’ Assessor on the 27th November 2022 Police Field in Kingtom the organisation has reported to the appropriate authorities but no action has been taken nor a notice has been sent.

The SLFA has promised to look into concerns raised against Mohammed Kallon by Sierra Leone Referees Association.

Consequently, the Sierra Leone Football Association states that; SLFA in its strongest possible terms, condemns the action of the Sierra Leone National Football Referees Organization (SLNFRO) which has led to referees boycotting a Premier League match; that the SLFA has the respective bodies well structured to look into issues of personal grievances without any person or group of persons having to hold the game to ransom;ย  that the SLFA unreservedly apologize to all Football loving fans, particularly Freetown City FC and FC Kallon fans, who were deprived of watching their favourite teams in action; and the SLFA assured the general public especially football-loving fans that it will look into the said matter, including issues raised in the SLNFRO press release, with the keenest interest and guilty will be shall be dealt with according to the law of football.