The Sierra Leone Football Association (SLFA) has announced the unexpected closure of its Secretariat building in Kingtom, Freetown. This morning, police enforced a High Court order to lock the premises, preventing SLFA staff from accessing the building.

The order came amid undisclosed legal proceedings, prompting immediate action from the authorities. The SLFA, led by President Thomas Daddy Brima, who is currently out of the country on official duty, has responded swiftly to the situation. President Brima has directed all staff to comply fully with the court’s decision while assuring the public that the association is working diligently to address the legal issues at hand.

In an official statement released by the SLFA, President Brima emphasized the association’s commitment to resolving the matter promptly and in accordance with the law. He noted that the closure is a significant disruption but assured stakeholders that efforts are underway to restore normal operations as soon as possible. “We are taking all necessary steps to ensure compliance with the legal procedures and to restore normalcy,” said Brima.

Ibrahim Kamara, Head of Media and Marketing for the SLFA, reiterated this commitment, stating, “The SLFA is dedicated to resolving this issue swiftly and responsibly. We will keep the public informed of any further developments.” Kamara also highlighted that the association’s primary focus is on maintaining transparency and ensuring that all actions taken are in the best interest of Sierra Leonean football.

The closure of the Secretariat has raised concerns among football enthusiasts and stakeholders who rely on the SLFA for various administrative functions. The association has been instrumental in promoting and developing football in Sierra Leone, and this incident marks a challenging period for the organization.

The SLFA’s prompt response and commitment to legal compliance are seen as positive steps towards resolving the situation. The association has assured the public that it will continue to operate within the bounds of the law and maintain its dedication to the development of football in Sierra Leone.