The Sierra Leone Football Association (SLFA) Disciplinary Committee has reached a verdict regarding the incidents that occurred during the FA Cup match between Bo Rangers FC and East End Lions FC on May 4th, 2024.

Following a review of match reports, the committee imposed fines on both teams and an official. East End Lions official Alpha Rashid was fined for sprinkling an unidentified liquid on the pitch.

“Alpha Rashid, the official of East End Lions, is fined Five thousand new Leones (NLe5,000) for sprinkling unidentified liqud on the pitch.” the statement said.

Additionally, Bo Rangers players involved in misconduct were also fined and required to issue a public apology to avoid a match suspension. Additionally, the club itself faces a fine due to fan behavior.

“Bo Rangers are fined Sixty Thousand new Leones (NLe 60,000) for the misconduct of their fans.”

The most significant consequence, however, is the committee’s recommendation to replay the match from the 65th minute at a neutral venue. The SLFA Kingtom playing pitch will host the replay, which will also have heightened security measures in place.

The committee emphasized that football should be a unifying force and condemned any form of hooliganism or violence. They also prohibited political banners near the playing venue for the replay.