The Sierra Leone Football Association (SLFA), with technical support from the Confédération Africaine de Football (CAF), has commenced a week-long administrative training for female football administrators and a Licence D Coaching course for female coaches across the country.

The training, held at the Police Hall in Kingtom, aims to elevate the roles of women in football administration and coaching within Sierra Leone.

The opening ceremony was attended by prominent figures including Acting General Secretary Mohamed Benson Bawoh, CAF Female Coaching Instructor Mrs. Majidah Nantanda from Uganda, Female Administrative Instructor Thubaelihle Bridgette Sibanda from Zimbabwe, SLFA Technical Director Ibrahim Bah, SLFA TMS Manager and Head of Female Football Miriam Heroe, SLFA Head of Schools Program and Facility Officer Samuel Davies, and SLFA Competition Officer Abdul Karim Kabba. Their presence underscores the collaborative effort behind this landmark event.

This initiative marks the first occasion CAF has provided such specialized training and coaching courses for women in Sierra Leone. Participants will have the opportunity to earn the Licence D certificate, a significant step in enhancing their capabilities. This project reflects the dedication of SLFA President Thomas Daddy Brima and his Executive Committee to advancing women’s roles in football.

SLFA Technical Director Ibrahim Bah expressed his enthusiasm for the opportunity provided by CAF, emphasizing the positive impact on women’s confidence and administrative skills in their respective clubs. Acting General Secretary Mohamed Benson Bawoh, declaring the program open, extended his gratitude to CAF for their support and encouraged participants to leverage their new knowledge to further contribute to football in Sierra Leone.

CAF experts Mrs. Majidah Nantanda and Thubaelihle Bridgette Sibanda praised the platform created by CAF and SLFA, assuring participants that the training would significantly empower and promote women’s football in the country. This comprehensive training course is a testament to the SLFA’s commitment to developing women’s football and providing opportunities for female administrators and coaches to excel.