The Sierra Leone Premier League (SLPL) has officially revealed the match facts for week 20 of the on-going premier league in the country.

The defending champions, Bo Rangers still tops the league with 48 points after 20 matches played respectively.

The update is given below:

“The defending champions Bo Rangers are leading the Sierra Leone Premier League Standings with 48 points out of 20 matches played.

 Mighty Blackpool, East End Lions, FC Kallon and Bai Bureh Warriors sit 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th positions respectively.

 In week 20, eleven goals were scored across the country. A total of 313 goals have been scored by 165 players in 180 matches.

 Bo Rangers is the only team that are unbeaten in the ongoing League. Having played 20 matches, they have won 14 and drew 6. 

 FC Lamboi young prodigy Ibrahim Kamara is leading the SLPL top scorers list with 10 goals. Bo Rangers Abu Komeh sits second with 9 goals and FC Kallon goal puncher Alie Conteh has recorded 7 goals.

 10 players have provided +5 goals in the league – Mighty Blackpool Ron Gandi Williams, Ibrahim Wotay of Diamond Stars and Samuel Gandi of Old Edwardians have recorded five goals.

 Mohamed Fofanah of Diamond Stars and Saidu Fofanah of FC Kallon are leading the top assist list with 5 assists provided respectively. Alieson Kamara of Mighty Blackpool and Saymah Kamara of Wusum Stars sit third and fourth with 4 each. 

 A total 174 assists have been provided in the ongoing SLPL and 117 players have provided goal assists.

 Mohammed Fofanah of Diamond Stars has made the highest goals contributions with 6 goals and 5 assists = 11 goals contribution. 

 FC Kallon has scored the most goals in the league (31) followed by Bo Rangers (27) and Mighty Blackpool (27) respectively.

 Bo Rangers have conceded the least goals (8) out of 20 matches played. East End Lions sit second with 9 goals conceded. While Wusum Stars have conceded the highest goals (31). Lamboi FC has conceded 24 goals which is second highest goals conceded by any team.

 with the 4:0 defeats against Freetown City FC, Old Edwardians have joined Mighty Blackpool as the teams with the highest goal margin per game. Followed by FC Kallon with a 4:1 defeat against Kamboi Eagles.

 Bo Rangers have won the highest games in the league with 14 out of 20 matches. Mighty Blackpool sits second with 11 wins where as FC Kallon and East End Lions have won 10 each.

 The best defending teams so far are East End Lions and Bo Rangers with 13 clean sheets recorded. Ports Authority sit third with 11 and Diamond Stars with 10 clean sheets.

 Wilberforce FC has recorded the least wins so far with 3 wins out of 20 matches. Whiles Wusum Stars have recorded the highest defeats – 13 loses out of 20 matches.

 The Three relegation threats teams are Wilberforce Strikers which sit in 16th position with 19 Points, East End Tigers sit 17 with 17 points and Wusum Stars are bottom of the table with 15 points.

 Out of 180 matches played, 175 man of the match awards have been provided to players. Bai Bureh Warriors have recorded the highest number of man of the match awards (15); followed by Mighty Blackpool (14). Kamboi Eagles and Bo Rangers sit third and fourth having won (12) each.

 All 18 clubs have received a man of the match award. Wusum Stars have recorded the least man of the man award – 3 out of 20 awarded. 

 Edward Thullah of East End Lions has won the most man of the match awards (6) – he won all those awards in the first round of the league with Freetown City FC. Ibrahim Turay of Lamboi FC and Ibrahim Turay of Bo Rangers have 5 man of the match award each.

 Bai Bureh Warriors and Mighty Blackpool are the only clubs to have recoded 9 different players wining the man of the match awards. Followed by East End Lions, Diamond Stars and Kamboi Eagles with (8) respectively. 

 20 penalties have been recorded and 16 have been converted to goal and 4 have been missed by players of Lamboi FC, Luawa FC, Bai Bureh Warriors and Freetown City FC.

 The best performing team in week 20 is Old Edwardians having won 4-0 against Freetown City FC at Attouga Field”.

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