The Southern Region Football Association (SRFA) has officially extended its heartfelt congratulations to Ram Kamara FC and Alma FC for their impressive performance in the Regional playoff, securing their coveted spots in the highly anticipated National Playoff.

This momentous achievement was announced in a press release dated Sunday, 10th September 2023.

Ram Kamara FC emerged as the ultimate champions in the fiercely contested event, while Alma FC demonstrated remarkable prowess as deserving runners-up. The SRFA also commended all the other participating teams for their valiant efforts, recognizing that their dedication contributed significantly to the overall success of the competition.

With the focus now shifting to the National Playoff, the SRFA passionately calls upon all stakeholders, including passionate fans, generous sponsors, and football enthusiasts, to unite in support of the outstanding teams. Ram Kamara FC and Alma FC have undeniably proven their mettle and determination, earning their well-deserved place in the national arena.

The SRFA’s ultimate goal remains to see another premier league team join the ranks alongside the reigning champions, Bo Rangers, in the upcoming National Playoff. The success of Ram Kamara FC and Alma FC shines as a beacon of hope for this ambition.

Addressing the talented players of Ram Kamara FC and Alma FC, the SRFA emphasizes that their exceptional achievements thus far should not breed complacency. It is of utmost importance that they maintain peak fitness levels and continue their diligent preparation for the challenges that lie ahead. Their commitment, hard work, and teamwork have brought them to this prestigious stage, and the SRFA has full faith in their abilities to represent the region with pride and honor in the national playoff.

On behalf of the Southern Region Football Association, Edwin J Lamin, Head of Media and Marketing, extends the association’s best wishes to both Ram Kamara FC and Alma FC. He implores them to seize the incredible opportunity and give their all on the pitch. May success be their constant companion as they strive for glory in the upcoming national playoff.

As the nation eagerly awaits the National Playoff, the achievements of these remarkable teams from the Southern Region stand as a testament to the region’s football prowess and serve as an inspiration for aspiring footballers throughout the area. The SRFA remains committed to fostering the growth of football in the Southern Region and looks forward to witnessing the journey of these teams in the national spotlight.