Star Sports Academy Delegation left the shores of Sierra Lierra Leone to attend the  7th Edition of the Antalya Cup International Youth Football Tournament in Antalya City, Turkey.

As a grass root football academy whose pivotal role is to expose young talents at the international stage, They continues their effectiveness by giving homegrown young players the platform to shine at the international scene by traveling with players across different part of the world mainly the European soil for the purpose of getting external attention.

According to sources, over a hundred teams will be assembled at the Belek Stadium in Antalya to compete in this year’s tournament. This is the first time in the history of Sierra Leone football that a team from Sierra Leone will appear in this historical event. The event runs from the 16th to the 19th of May 2024.

The Star Sport Media Department Head and CEO of Delegation, Mohamed Jusu Tawarally expressed that the rationale behind their participation in this year’s Antalyspor Tournament is to show case their young players with high potential to excel to the world and give them the opportunity to become professional football players in future.

Giving platform to young players to further develop outside Sierra Leone have been the academy’s main motive since it was established as they can proudly bragged about having players from some part of Europe specifically Abu Dumbuya a Sierra Leone national team player who currently plays the ASKA super league in Cyprus, As well having players in Turkey with Atalayspor, Citta Bah who currently plays with FDC Vista in Russia and a lot more as they stick to it original plan to date.

Watching Sierra Leone players at international level have always been the dreams of the academy’s CEO Yankabu Tarawally who have been funding all of these project  with little or no support from any external party, As his inclusion have brought Sierra Leone football huge lifeline of hope with his unwavering commitment in ensuring our local players have the best opportunities and platform in reaching the global scene.