Isha Johansen, former President of the Sierra Leone Football Association (SLFA) has described her presidency of the FA as very difficult.

Johansen said this just a few minutes before the conduct of the recently held SLFA’s election in Makeni.

“It’s been difficult strenuous unfair, malicious but at the same time it gave me chance to grow, it gave me chance to understand the country to understand the people and the division and I tried very much to unite them,” she said.

She continued that it was difficult because she assumed that some people did not want to work with her. And it was difficult to work with such people.

“If we had unity trust me in these 7 years, we should have gone so long,” she said.

She continued that a lot of people did not understand what the FA was about but with the conclusion of her presidency, people now do.

She later called on Sierra Leoneans to protect the sanity and integrity of football, and she said this could be achieved through good governance.