As a way to revive true sportsman and talent identification in the country. The Sierra Leone Throwball Association in Collaboration with key players in the sporting eco-system has officially launched the Throwball Game at the Joint Communications unit Wilberforce barracks.

This lunching is coming in the wake of the many effort by the Contry’s Sporting regulatory, National Olympic Committee to further streamline the growth of Sports in the Country. During the lunch, Members of the throwball Family Who are outside of the Country equally benefit from the aforementioned through the platform.

According to the Secretary General, Patrick Massaquoi the introduction throwball was to take the minds of young people away from Counterproductive Ventures and He added that the discipline would serve as a springboard of opportunity to old and youngsters alike in terms of improving healthy lifestyles.

Meanwhile, other Speakers reechoed Similar Sentiments in a bid to help Spread the importance of the Sport to the wider public among many other things. It is hoped that the introduction throwball Will provide a massive glimmer of hope for aspiring athletes .

Credit: Media One for Sierra Leone Throwball Association