The Trade Center Football Association has o Saturday started its Veteran Football Competition that sought to host 16 veteran teams across the country on the Trade Center Playing Field in Kissy by Ferry Terminal.

In the opening ceremony witnessed by big football stakeholders, Cline Town Veterans locked on with Dock Yard Veterans. The Match was officiated by one of the country’s officiating teams, and the match’s organization was a top-notched standard.

Many football-loving fans of the country were present to look at the great match where they were so enthusiastic to see one-time top Sierra Leonean footballers who had left the game and are now playing it to keep fit.

The match was kicked off by the Former Honorable of Constituency 120, Hon Kalokoh in sight of many spectators.

The game started and ended in a very intense contest between the two teams. Dock Yard Veterans conceded 2 goals in the first half and at the start of the second half they scored one goal to make it 2:1. Going on in the second half Cline Town Veterans got another goal to make it 3:1 and the game played with great enthusiasm when Dock Yard Veteran got a late goal to make it 3:2.

The game ended in a 3:2 to Cline Town Veterans going on to the next game with 3 points.