Sierra Leone’s Minister of Tourism and Cultural Affairs, Nabeela Tunis, has expressed delight over the arrival of the Budapest Bamako Rally Team to Freetown.

The minister maintained that, their presence in the country is very important after a tireless effort of two weeks trek across different countries heading to Sierra Leone, revealing that over 50 nationalities are currently in the country as part of honouring the event.

She disclosed that, there has been a great admiration by the foreign nationals over the beauty of Sierra Leone for which her ministry is working very hard to have the sector very attractive at all times, adding that, there has been a very positive reactions and interaction between the foreign nationals and the local people who played hosts to them.

The team commended Sierra Leone for the hospitality shown to them for which the minister maintained that, that is part of the culture of Sierra Leone to welcoming counterparts and making them feel at home and assured them of a good stay at any time someone is in for tourism in the country.

The minister dedicated the month to the foreign nationals as well as expressing the needs and importance in sharing out the goods and essence of the country to the guests and calling on them  to be ambassadors to sell the good image of the country to the wider world, she encouraged them to share their experiences and promote the good image of the country at all times.

She extended her profound appreciation to the team for the Budapest Bamako Freetown Rally Team for the effort.