The Western Area Football Association (WAFA) has released a detailed fee structure for the utilization of the newly constructed Approved School Playing Field. This announcement is pertinent to various football clubs, school sports programs, market traders, and other organizations interested in using the facility.

According to the notice issued by WAFA, the following costs have been established:

Premier League Clubs: 8,000 leones per season
First and Second Division Clubs, Female Clubs: 4,000 leones per season
School Sports Meetings: 4,000 leones per school
Market Traders (including canopies): 2,500 leones per space for the season
Non-Division Clubs and Friendly Matches: 1,500 leones per match
Veteran Matches (1 hour and 30 minutes): 1,000 leones per match
WAFA emphasizes that these fees are essential for maintaining the quality and sustainability of the playing field. The association encourages all potential users, especially Premier League associations and market traders, to adhere to the specified costs to ensure fair and organized access to the facility.

For further inquiries regarding the use of the Approved School Playing Field, interested parties are advised to contact the WAFA Secretariat using the provided contact numbers.