The Western Area Football Association (WAFA) Disciplinary Committee has ruled against Abacha City in their match against Bhantal FC played on 18 September 2023 at KT Field.

The Committee said the center referee, Mohamed P. Kamara, stated in his report that “Bhantal FC was leading by 1-0 when the match came to an end abruptly in the eighty-second minutes of play due to an invasion into the pitch by supporters of Abacha City FC.”

He summed up that a bunch of Abacha City supporters attacked him and his colleagues when he overruled a handball play against Abacha FC. The Committee said the referee informed that because of the attack, they were unable to continue officiating the match.

The disciplinary committee outlined issues brought before them based on the rules of the game.

Whether Abacha City FC violates Article 24.1(d) of the WAFA Rules and Regulations which states that “Offences committed by teams to warrant the forfeiture of a match where Player(s), Supporter(s) or an official of a team initiates an act responsible for an abrupt end of a match.” they issued.

The Committee after investigations came up with a ruling that:

1. That Abacha City FC forfeits three (3) points and three (3) goals to Bhantal FC pursuant to Article 24(2) of WAFA Rules and Regulations for initiating an act leading to the abrupt end of the match.

2. Abacha City are fined Nle 1000 for misconduct in the said match.