The four match inter clubs disciplinary suspension levied on one of Sierra Leone’s football Legends and Coach of FC Kallon, Mohamed Kallon by the Confederation of African Football (CAF) should serve as a lesson for Sierra Leonean coaches in future national and international football competitions.

According to a recent Press Release from the Sierra Leone Football Association (SLFA), the CAF disciplinary committee imposed the Four match ban on Kallon and Chernor Cidy Bah, team doctor. The ban is accompanied with a financial penalty of USD 10,000 each and the said amount must be paid within a time frame of 60 days of the date the decision was taken (28th November 2022.)

The match officials written in their reports that, “The Coach of Kallon FC Mohamed Kallon abused the referee during the match, for which he was expelled following two yellow cards.”

The report further states that he continued to insult the referee even after his expulsion.

It is further reported that the team doctor Chernor Cidy Bah was also expelled at the end of the match for verbally insulting the referees.

The decision was earlier legally open to be contested by the suspended officials but has now become final following the expiration of the appeal.

As Article 12 of the CAF Statute Charged the disciplinary Board to impose the sanctions set forth in the statutes and CAF disciplinary code, against members, clubs, officials or players. With that said, Sierra Leone football Coaches must have their emotions under control during matches. The reason is that, their emotions and how they are dealt with them have great impact on the performance of Coaches and and the team as a whole.

Though Kallon has accepted full responsibility of the said CAF Sanction, It’s obvious that the former Leone Stars Captain may have suffered from this decision as a result of an uncontrollable emotional outburst.

Meanwhile, Scientist from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology(KIT) and Goethe University in Frankfurt, Germany have reported that Football Coaches who have their emotions under control are more successful.

Referees are essential participants in the sport of football. They are responsible for enforcing the rules and achieving the necessary impartiality for the matches. Referees are often target of hostile reactions from fans, players, and coaches. Sometimes they might take decisions that will not favour Coaches. However, Sierra Leone football coaches must imbibe a strong sense of discipline because football is a game that is guided by rigid rules and regulations. By Coaches setting a positive example, football players will also learn to respect the game instead of trying to win by sacrificing morals.

Sportsmanship occurs when athletes show respect and concern to opponents, teammates, coaches, and officials.

The said decision by CAF should not only serve as a ruling of reflection for coaches, but for football administrators, players and other relevant stakeholders involved in the game as well.