Sierra Leonean fastest runner, Maggie Barrie has revealed why the officials failed to register her for the 400meters race that she had prepared for.

Maggie Barrie insists she qualified for 400m and it was government officials who missed the deadline.

She says an official at the National Olympic Committee said they forgot to register her and that’s why she didn’t run the 400meters.

According to Maggie, she said journalists are spreading the wrong information. She blamed them for not doing their research well.

The athlete explained the two ways to qualify for the Olympics. She said it is either by world ranking or by universality. The athlete said she was qualified by both criteria. He scores for personal and season best were 51.36 and 51.6 respectively. “The deadline to apply for my event was MISSED”, she revealed.

She doesn’t know why she was not registered and she was only informed by the Olympic Director that the officials failed to register her. She confirmed that if they would have registered her, should have entered with other athletes. She continues saying that, there should have been two track and field athletes but she is the only one that is available.

Maggie expressed that she wanted to represent her country in the best way but the incompetence of the officials wouldn’t let her represent Sierra Leone the way she wanted.

Few days ago, Maggie shared on her Facebook page that she couldn’t enter for the 400M that she has been training for due to negligence.

Due to negligence outside of my control I was mistakenly not entered in the 400 meters for this year’s Olympics. I will be running the 100 meters instead despite all of my 400m accolades.
Given 3 weeks to train for the 100 meters after years of running the 400 meters was no easy task. But with the strength of God and my family anything is possible.

These last few weeks have challenged me mentally, physically and spiritually. But through everything, my faith remains STRONG that I will represent my beloved country Sierra Leone victoriously 🏆
Tune on Friday at 11:40 am Tokyo time (10:40pm EST Thursday) to watch me leave everything on the track.” She wrote.