The tennis court at the Makeni Wusum field has been fully renovated by the Bombali District Tennis Association with support from the National Association President, Kelvin Ezekiel Kellie.

The refurbishment included the paving of the floor and painting of the entire court.

In an interview with NewsFeed Sierra Leone, the Financial Secretary of the Bombali District Tennis Association, Sulaiman Victor Kargbo, stated that the rehabilitation was successful through funds received from the National President.

He continued that the refurbishment of the court cost a total sum of Five Thousand Leones (NLe5,000).

We received the support of NLe3,000 from President Kevin, and as executive members, we contributed the sum of NLe2,000 to undertake such venture,” he revealed.

Sulaiman Victor Kargbo ascribed that the refurbishment is also significant for the lives  youths as the district has twenty young tennis players ten each for both the male and female categories .

“We have seen how tennis has transformed the lives of many people across the world, so also this facility will change the lives of our youths staying away from drugs, and other crimes, while also they will earn the opportunity to represent the country outside Sierra Leone and even play professional tennis,” he said.

He concluded that the lack of financial support from stakeholders in the district remains the main challenge to further motivate other youths to play tennis.