Salima Bah, Sierra Leone’s Minister of Communications, Technology, and Innovation in Sierra Leone has hosted two brilliant young minds from the Saint Edwards secondary school on some innovative skills they possess.

The pupils showcased their homemade microscope to the minister as part of her campaign for the youths in the country to be innovative and promote their self-talents in creating employment that will be owned by them and earn them a sustainable income.

Their remarkable invention is a home-built microscope fashioned from scraps and 3d printed parts, which left the Minister truly amazed by their talent and creativity.

She congratulated the boys as well as encouraged them to tackle a national challenge through their innovation as she stressed that, they are very committed to supporting such young talents in the country.

Ms. Bah also assured them of Government’s vision in supporting young minds and expressed hope of looking forward to having engagement with them in the near future.
Assuring them of the Ministry’s unwavering support.

She remarked, “We are truly at an amazing period where Sierra Leoneans, regardless of age or social status are looking at our problems and innovating solutions for them, we remain committed to providing the enabling environment to promote these ideas into viable businesses”.