The National Communications Authority (NatCA) has issued a public notice to inform the public about recent changes in tariffs for voice and data services, by the provisions of the National Communications Authority Act 2022.

The tariff adjustments come as a response to rapidly changing cost variables in the telecommunications industry. NatCA, after extensive consultations with service providers and key stakeholders, has reached the following compromises in the best interest of consumers:

Voice Calls:

The floor price for voice calls, previously set at NLe 0.95, has been revised to NLe 1.63.
The cap price for voice calls, previously at NLe 1.10, has been adjusted to NLe 1.86.

Data Services:

Fixed data pricing, which was NLe 15 for 1 Gb, is now NLe 20 for the same amount of data.

These changes aim to strike a balance between fair pricing for consumers and the sustainability of telecommunications services. NatCA’s commitment to creating an enabling environment for improved Quality of Service and Quality of Experience remains unchanged, with a focus on enhancing customer satisfaction.

NatCA will continue to monitor and regulate the telecommunications industry to ensure that consumers receive reliable and high-quality services.