In a world increasingly reliant on digital technology, securing cyberspace has become paramount. Against this backdrop, Rokel Bank, a leading financial institution in Sierra Leone, organized the inaugural Cybersecurity Symposium on February 22nd, 2023, at the Freetown City Council auditorium.

This groundbreaking event brought together diverse stakeholders, including banking sector professionals, media representatives, students, customers, and government officials, to foster a comprehensive understanding of cybersecurity and its implications.

The symposium was graced by the esteemed presence of Dr. Ekundayo Walton, the recently crowned African Banker of the Year and Managing Director of Rokel Bank. In his opening remarks, Dr. Walton emphasized the bank’s unwavering commitment to excellence, which had propelled it to compete successfully with international banks and ultimately led to his recognition as the African Banker of the Year.

The distinguished guest, Mr. Buffy Bailor, Chairman of Rokel Bank’s Board of Directors, delivered an insightful introduction and opening remarks, setting the stage for the symposium’s thought-provoking discussions. The event featured a series of panel discussions that delved into various aspects of cybersecurity. Experts engaged in lively debates on topics ranging from integrating cybersecurity into educational curricula and building cybersecurity capacity to the evolving cybersecurity landscape in financial services.

Furthermore, the symposium explored the role of cybersecurity as a catalyst for innovation and inclusion, emphasizing its potential to drive economic growth and societal progress. A comprehensive overview of the cybersecurity landscape in Sierra Leone was also presented, highlighting current challenges and potential solutions.

The Cybersecurity Symposium organized by Rokel Bank stands as a testament to the bank’s proactive approach to addressing emerging risks and its commitment to promoting a secure digital world. By fostering dialogue and collaboration among diverse stakeholders, the symposium has set new standards for cybersecurity awareness and preparedness in the country. It is a significant step towards building a more resilient and secure cyberspace, enabling individuals, businesses, and nations to thrive in the digital age.