Meta’s founder, Mark Zuckerberg, announced the launch of a new feature on WhatsApp: screen-sharing during video calls.

This latest enhancement allows users to share their screen activities in real-time while conversing. By selecting the ‘Share’ icon within the app, users can decide whether to display a particular application or their entire screen.

The addition of screen sharing introduces diverse functionalities to WhatsApp video calls. Users can collaborate on work files, share family photos, plan journeys, shop online alongside friends, or even guide grandparents with tech-related queries, all in real-time.

This dynamic screen sharing capability enriches conversations by giving participants a direct view of what’s happening on a user’s screen.

Zuckerberg emphasized, “This tool is incredibly versatile, catering to both personal and professional needs.”

Additionally, an update has been rolled out that allows WhatsApp users to engage in video calls using landscape mode on their mobile devices. This refinement ensures a broader and more engaging visual experience during calls.