WhatsApp, in 2022, has launched several new features enhancing user security, including WhatsApp Communities, avatars, a self-chat feature, and tweaks to view-once media. The platform has also been enhancing privacy features. WhatsApp tracker WABetaInfo suggests that the app would introduce new security features to WhatsApp Communities in 2023.

WABetaInfo uploaded a concept feature that gives users control over who can call them if they are added to community groups.

Here are some features expected to launch this year:

  • Bookmark on disappearing chat
  • Searching messages by date
  • View-once text
  • Picture-in-picture (PIP) for video calls on iOS
  • Companion mode
  • Call tab on WhatsApp desktop
  • 6-digit code to login
Key highlights
Bookmark feature in disappearing chats

WhatsApp is working on a bookmark icon. It will appear in the message bubble of disappearing messages, indicating that they will not disappear from the chat. The feature is under development on Android. WhatsApp tracker WABetaInfo said the feature would distinguish kept messages from regular disappearing messages within the chat.

Searching messages by date

WhatsApp, according to WABetaInfo, is testing a feature to let users search messages by date. The app tracker spotted a calendar icon to discover messages by choosing a date. As per reports, the platform is testing the feature with select iOS users.

Picture-in-picture (PIP) for video calls on iOS

The PIP mode will let users multitask and browse other apps while on a WhatsApp video call. The ability is already available on Android and is expected to roll out to all iOS users. According to WABetaInfo, the instant messaging platform has been testing the feature and has rolled it out to select beta users.

Call tab on WhatsApp desktop

As per reports, WhatsApp may soon launch a dedicated call tab for its desktop app. It will let users track and sync WhatsApp call data with mobile and web. The feature, now available to select Windows users, will see a dedicated tab within the WhatsApp sidebar.

In addition, WhatsApp is also working on a screen lock feature on desktops. The security login is already available on Android and iOS.

Security updates
6-digit code login

WhatsApp is testing a new verification option with select beta testers on the Android app. This additional layer of security demands users to enter a code while attempting to log in to WhatsApp on a secondary device using the companion mode. Users could expect a public rollout of this feature.

View-once text

The instant messaging platform allows users to send view-once media, including images, GIFs, and videos. According to WABetaInfo, the platform is working to let users send view-once messages. This comes after the platform launched the ability to prevent screen capture of view-once messages.