“Strawberry On Ice” is a vibrant and catchy Afrobeat and R&B single by Sierra Leonean artist Emmerson featuring Nigerian superstar Davido.

This collaboration blends Emmerson’s unique style with Davido’s energetic vibe, creating a track that’s both infectious and memorable.

The song is a celebration of a captivating woman, metaphorically referred to as “Strawberry On Ice.”

Emmerson and Davido use this imagery to highlight her allure and sweetness, making her the centerpiece of their admiration. The lyrics emphasize their desire to know her deeply, as expressed in the lines, “They don’t know your flavor, but girl, I want to eat you up.” This suggests a yearning to experience everything about her, beyond superficial interactions.

Throughout the song, there’s a playful yet sincere tone as they sing about their intentions. Emmerson’s lines, “I’m just trying to feel you up, rude girl talk nice,” convey a mix of respect and a hint of boldness, while Davido’s verse adds a dynamic twist with his signature charm and flair. The mention of Sierra Leone’s national colors, “Green, White, and Blue girl,” adds a patriotic touch, connecting the song to Emmerson’s roots.

Musically, “Strawberry On Ice Lyrics” is a fusion of Afrobeat rhythms and R&B melodies, creating a sound that’s both danceable and soothing. The beat is infectious, with a groove that makes it impossible to sit still. Emmerson and Davido’s vocals complement each other perfectly, blending seamlessly over the instrumental.

The chorus is particularly catchy, with its repeated lines and rhythmic flow making it easy to sing along. The playful lyrics, combined with the infectious beat, make “Strawberry On Ice Lyrics” a standout track that’s perfect for both clubs and personal playlists. It’s a testament to Emmerson’s versatility and Davido’s ability to elevate any song he touches, making it a must-listen for fans of Afrobeat and R&B.