Are you ready to experience the excitement of “Aviator,” the latest game introduced by Elephant Bet? Here’s a step-by-step guide to get you started:

  1. Game Overview:
    Aviator allows you to bet on a flying plane, where the longer it remains airborne, the higher your initial bet gets multiplied.

  2. Betting Process:

Place your bet amount before the plane takes off.
As the plane flies, the multiplier increases proportionally with its flight duration.
3. Cash Out Option:

You have the flexibility to cash out your bet at any point while the plane is still in the air.
However, if the plane flies away without you cashing out, you lose your bet.
4. Strategy:

Opting for early cashouts with repetition can lead to winning with reduced risk.
5. Account Creation:

To participate, create an account on Elephant Bet.
You’ll need to deposit funds before playing and can withdraw your winnings afterward.
6. Deposit Methods:

Elephant Bet accepts deposits via Orange and Afrimoni.
7. Playing Aviator:

Engage in the Aviator game today and every day for a chance to win instant cash with Elephant Bet.
By following these steps, you can join the Aviator game, enjoy the thrill, and potentially win big while managing your risks effectively.