Rokel Commercial Bank, a leading financial institution in Sierra Leone, has been selected among prominent banks in Africa to participate in the intra-Africa Trade Fair in Egypt. With a comprehensive range of services, including personal and business banking, international banking, and electronic banking, the bank’s involvement underscores its commitment to fostering trade and investment within Africa.

As the renewable energy equipment market in Egypt reaches billions of dollars, Rokel Commercial Bank’s participation aligns with Egypt’s Integrated Sustainable Energy Strategy, aiming for a 42 percent share of renewable energy by 2035. By showcasing at the trade fair, the bank not only promotes its brand but also advocates for increased intra-Africa trade, encouraging economic cooperation and integration.

Furthermore, Rokel Commercial Bank actively supports initiatives like the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA), using the trade fair as a platform to discuss and enhance trade facilitation. The presence of high-level representatives emphasizes the bank’s dedication to fostering business opportunities and partnerships across the continent.

Participating in the event with over one thousand six hundred exhibitors from seventy countries, Rokel Commercial Bank seeks potential collaborations and network expansion. By aligning with the African Union’s vision for economic integration and the 2063 Africa Union Finance Charter, the bank reaffirms its commitment to contributing to Africa’s overall economic growth and development.

In essence, Rokel Commercial Bank’s presence at the intra-Africa Trade Fair underscores its active role in promoting economic cooperation, regional integration, and intra-African trade. Through participation, the bank aims to foster business opportunities, expand its network, and contribute to the growth and development of the African continent.