In an effort to prevent Sierra Leoneans in Ukraine from being affected by the foreseen war, a Sierra Leonean in Poland, Billy Man, went live on facebook urging them to move to Poland in order to avoid the foreseen danger.

According to Billy man, the border between Ukraine and Poland is open freely for fifteen days so this is the time Sierra Leoneans can enter to Poland for free.

Billy Man said, he is working together with his friend called Pedro and other people to assist fellow Sierra Leoneans from Ukraine whom are already in the Poland border and those still in Ukraine.

He asked those whom are already in the Poland border to contact him on Social Media, so that he can help them, as he has arranged an accommodation for them in Poland

He added that, himself and the other people he is working with to help his fellow Sierra Leoneans, have already assisted two Sierra Leonans , who contacted him, onboard a train and they will be arriving soon at their state, where they will pick them up and take them to the reserved accommodation.

He furthered that, he is also contacting other Sierra Leoneans in different states of Poland to see whether they too can render help in their states.

Mr Billy affirmed that even when the reserved accommodation would have run out, he will still help them get contact of Authorities who will help them get shelter.

He ended with a request from Sierra Leoneans everywhere to contact their families in Ukraine and urge them to save their lives before it is too late.