Following the incident that left a pupil dead at the Emmanuel Modern Academy School in Kenema City, the Ministry of Basic and Senior Secondary Education has decided to close the school for going against some of the ministry’s policies.

The MBSSE branch in Kenema City on the 27th of September 2023 had an engagement meeting with stakeholders and parents of the school, including the Human Rights Commission, the security sector, and the media on the redress mechanism.

Frances Nana Kamara, the director of the School Quality Assurance and Resource Management Directorate at the ministry maintained that the situation was an unfortunate one for which they need to act fast to stop the reoccurrence of such within the school system, adding that, she came purposely to join the team and ensure the right thing happens.

She said, they had done the investigations already and the ministry in Kenema had reported that it was necessary to make a firm decision on this, adding that, from their findings, the school campus is even used as a dwelling place which has no safety for the children.

On the resolutions met during the engagement, it was noted that the school is closed as there are many odd things.

“For now there should be no school activities here, as many things have gone against the act and the approval guideline policy. We have recommended that, the names and addresses of the children in this school would be taken and see how we can absorb them into the surrounding schools.” She stated.

She added that the school is a private school which has not been operating legally and to protect the future of the children there, they will try to have these children in another school so that their education would not be disturbed. She called on the parents to maintain patience as the ministry will do everything to protect their children.