The year 2023 has been an interesting one for Sierra Leone’s music and Entertainment Industry.

From the outset of January until the present, this vibrant sector has witnessed an influx of new and talented artists, leaving an indelible mark on the country’s music landscape.

Some have made a lot of noise with their music, but only a handful of artistes had us putting their songs on repeat, making noise when a song came on and made a serious impact during the aforementioned time.

Sierraloaded, Sierra Leone’s leading platform re-introduced the “Hottest Artiste List” back in 2021. This annual tradition offers an unfiltered assessment of the artists who have not only shaped but also defined the musical landscape of Sierra Leone throughout the year.

The Hottest Artiste List meticulously highlights those entertainers who have achieved the most significant milestones. This includes artists who scored chart-topping hits, embarked on successful tours, made substantial moves in both the local and international music scenes, won prestigious awards, and, most importantly, the people we’ve listened to and danced to for the past 12 months.

In a year marked by artistic innovation and creative excellence, Sierra Leone’s music and entertainment industry continues to flourish, demonstrating the country’s immense talent and potential on both the national and international stages.

As the year draws to a close, Sierraloaded will systematically reveal the 20 Hottest Artiste in Sierra Leone starting from December 10. As you eagerly await the unveiling, be sure you are following Sierraloaded on social media platforms to celebrate these exceptional individuals who have made this year a sonically unforgettable one.

Adfega – #1

Behold the Sierra Leone Music Landlord in 2023!

Umar Baba Conteh, better known as Adfega, the rising Afro Fusion sensation from Sierra Leone. Adfega’s musical journey embodies not just his life story but also the shared struggles of humanity. Drawing from everyday experiences, his music is a tapestry of emotions, aiming to encapsulate the diverse spectrum of human feelings.

His rank on the hottest artiste list may be arguable, but what isn’t arguable is the fact that he has given us the biggest hit in Sierra Leone this year.

“COMPOUND” has taken Sierra Leone by storm, resonating deeply with audiences and opening doors to thrilling opportunities. Adfega’s music seamlessly weaves his Sierra Leonean heritage with Afro Fusion, seamlessly blending traditional instruments to create a unique sonic experience.

His upcoming project promises another chapter in his musical evolution. The eagerly awaited “Compound Festival Tour” is set to kick off, captivating audiences in Makeni, Kabala, and Freetown this December.

Starting his musical journey in Freetown at a tender age, Adfega’s sound finds inspiration in the nuances of love, hate, and the everyday struggles encountered. This has earned him the title of the “king of the new wave” in Sierra Leone’s vibrant music scene.

“Compound,” crafted by the mastermind Wilbert, has soared to become the anthem of 2023 in Sierra Leone. Its infectious amapiano sound coupled with motivational lyrics narrating tales of neighbors within the same compound has solidified Adfega’s position as a trailblazer in the musical landscape.

Adfega’s artistry and unique blend of sounds not only reflect his personal journey but also resonate deeply with audiences, elevating Sierra Leonean music onto the global stage.