One of Sierra Leone’s movie stars Aminata Bawoh commonly called Sagin has opted to participate in the upcoming House of Star Reality TV Show which is organized by Kings Empire.

One of Aminata’s supporters in a Facebook post stated that this is an incredible opportunity for Aminata to showcase her talents and pursue her dreams.

He started that Aminata has always been a passionate and dedicated individual, and she has worked tirelessly to reach this point in her career, adding that her talent, chadoessma, and determination make her a perfect fit for the show, as he do not doubt that she will shine brightly on the House of Stars stage.

“Now, it’s our turn to show our support and help Aminata reach new heights”.

He called on everyone to help support Aminata by voting for her and spreading the word about her incredible journey as it will make a significant impact and help her achieve her dreams.

“Remember, every vote counts, and every share on social media can make a difference”.