In response to a recommendation made by His Excellency Retired Brigadier Julius Maada Bio, the Office of the Ambassador of Entertainment is set to host a Two-Day National Dialogue Conference in August 2023.

This conference aims to provide a platform for entertainers from various sectors to express their concerns and discuss their specific needs.

The primary objective of the conference is to create an environment where entertainers can openly voice their challenges and collaborate to find effective solutions.

President Bio recognizes the importance of addressing the unique concerns faced by entertainers in each sector and hopes that this dialogue conference will foster a supportive and inclusive atmosphere for growth within the entertainment industry.

To ensure a comprehensive representation of all sectors, each sector is expected to send designated representatives who possess a deep understanding of the challenges faced by entertainers in their respective fields. These representatives will be responsible for effectively communicating their sector’s needs and aspirations during the conference.

Details regarding the date, time, venue, and the number of designated representatives per sector will be communicated once all necessary arrangements are finalized.

The participation of every sector in this national dialogue conference is crucial for shaping a brighter future for the entertainment industry as a whole.

The Office of the Ambassador of Entertainment eagerly anticipates a positive response from entertainers and looks forward to welcoming representatives from all sectors at the Two-Day National Entertainment Dialogue.