The management of Delvaqyo Empire has responded to allegations made by Sierra Leonean hip-hop artist and entertainment ambassador Kao Denero with regard the reason for his breakup with former girlfriend Del Vaqyo.

Kao Denero in a Facebook post accused Del Vaqyo of betraying him despite the love they previously shared.

According to a response from Delvaqyo Empire Management, such accusations are untrue and baseless as Kao Denero is trying to portray Del Vaqyo as the cause of their breakup.
“Del’s decision to move in from the relationship was not an act of betrayal. It was a response to Kao’s pattern of infidelity, toxic behavior, and even instances of domestic violence”.

The management stated that Del Vaqyo has chosen to remain silent ever since their breakup for the sake of their daughter and her happiness and reputation as a woman though there have been continuous negative remarks and involvement of Black Leo boys insulting her.

It was disclosed that Del Vaqyo’s decision to break up with Kao Denero was not an act of betrayal but Kao being infidelity, putting up toxic behaviour, and domestic violence.

They also accused Kao Denero of pleading to reconcile with Del Vaqyo, promising her a luxurious wedding with esteemed government officials in attendance but Del Vaqyo declined his proposal.

“Additionally, there are voice recordings that could potentially jeopardize Kao’s professional standing with his political boss(es). which we have refrained from releasing thus far. However, we must warn Kao that continuing to push Del to her limits may result in the public disclosure of these recordings”.

A congratulating message was extend to Kao Denero and his wife, adding that the most significant celebration for them is seeing their artist, Del Vaqyo, break free from a toxic and serially unfaithful partner.

“While it is disheartening to witness someone searching for outdated ideals like a “housewife” in this day and age, we are relieved to know that Del has found happiness in moving forward.

Their message was concluded by promising Kao Denero to release their substantial evidence if any further unwarranted actions may occur.

“Please be aware that any further unwarranted actions will result in the release of our substantial evidence. We thank you for your attention and understanding”.